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Part 7

Well sorry to all those 'Jive Talking' fans out there who where expecting a new blog on Friday I'm so sorry we where all just too busy! Well it was a quite an amazing week we had up in Townsville/Magnetic Island. It was so good to see Aunty Syahn and Uncle Adrian and Eric again and also seeing the cheeky Cydnee for the first time (In person this time instead of on the computer screen) it was a good first afternoon with us just chilling as a family with a little surprise from Ash and Naomi dropping in for 2 days!! We went to the 'lagoon for a nice swim which was well needed :) and oh I forgot when we got there Aunty Syahn had just made some DELICIOUS coffee and date scrolls I just could not get enough of them they where so good :) I was glad we got to sleep in a bed for the first time but unfortunately I think Noah was rolling around a bit to much and the bed deflated during the middle of the night! The rest of the days where a bit of a lazy couple of days except for an awesome 2 games of bowling and a visit to the RAAF base and seeing some wicked choppers eg Blackhawks, chinooks which where amazing! Ok then along came MAGNETIC ISLAND which was amazing first was the boring unpacking then an awesome swim down at Geoffery bay which was like 45 metres or less away from our apartments and I got to have my first ever snorkelling experience on the amazing GREAT BARRIER REEF it was honestly breath taking no really it seriously took my breath away from me hahaha all the coral and the fish was amazing and the dreaded sharks and rays didn't come (thank goodness!!!) well the day after. That was so cool cause I got to hold the apex predator of the world aka the salt water croc (only 1.2 metres with its mouth taped up though hahaha) then my first experience of holding a carpet python who felt surprisingly weird with all its muscles moving around my neck then mum got to hold a d-bear which I wanted to hold but mum just had to hold it and have the fun of holding a d-bear but I didn't :( but i did get to hold a blue young lizard a bobtail and have a frilled necked lizard on my head :) and then there was the grand finale with the rainbow lorikeet feeding which was truly amazing all we had to do was grab a handful of this gross muesli type bird food then hold your hand out and wallah they where swarming like bees at one point I had 6 on my hand and 2 one my head and may I say they are quite heavy :) and poor Jemimah or should I say poor bird cause Jemimah got some feed and held her arm out but then unfortunately for the bird it landed on her arm and Jemimah FREAKED she screamed and tried to pull the bird back towards her!! Then Erick was asleep and he got pooped on his head, poor guy :/ then the nights where amazing because all the possums came out along with the wallabies and as possums do they climbed up onto our verandah and us kids where suddenly out there and when Cydnee came she screamed and then arm stretched out ran after the possum as if saying 'YOUR MINE'!! Well we finished off our magnetic island trip with some fish and chips which was delish :) oh I forgot to mention that Uncle Adrian took us fishing twice with no luck but we still got quite a few mini ones :) well anyway by the next time I do my blog ill be talking about Alice springs!

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