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Day 5

Another lazy day

Another lazy day today.

Dad went back to Perth and Leah went into Adelaide to drop him at the airport.

With the kids going stir-crazy and Leah taking longer than expected to get back, I took the kids into Kadina to pick up some supplies for our trip to Melbourne. Ended up having a "Ned Kelly" pie from the Kadina bakery - cheese, egg and mystery meat, actually tasted better than I thought. After that the kids wanted to go to the lolly shop at Moonta, so they bought some items to keep them hyped up.

Busy getting things organised for an early start tomorrow - 10 hours drive before arriving in Macedon.

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Musings of a minor 2

Micah's thoughts 2

Today was nice And relaxing going down to the beach looking at the ocean and having a drive in the car. After that we just stayed at home and had a Little rest after a long day and we were getting ready to make some dinner(BBQ). Joshua,Noah and I were all playing handball for a while Jemimah decided to play as well she ended up as king at one stage.

After dinner our relatives went home and I had a bath and got ready for bed now here I am righting this on the iPad.

Last night I couldn't get to sleep because Noah and Jemimah were non stop talking and yes Noah had to sleep with us. Our bampop kept snoring and kept getting up during the night which also didn't help me get to sleep.

On the first night it was really funny i didn't really hear it but it sounded funny Noah in his sleep did this sound: BANG BANG BANG! BANG BANG BANG!

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Day 4

Today was a lazy day in Port Hughes, catching up on some lost sleep, went for a walk along the beach and as kids do, Jemimah found some pretty rocks to take home.

Caught up with some relatives we haven't seen for a long time. After lunch we went for a drive to Kadina and then onto the newest place name to keep me amused - Moonta.

Had a nice BBQ and a nice easy night. Tomorrow Dad flies back home to Perth and on Saturday we head to Melbourne.

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Jive talking

Joshua's thoughts on the trip so far

What couple of days it has been so far the super pit was honestly amazing you honestly don't know how big it is until your actually there. That late lunch by dad was a highlight by far (sarcastic face) :). The nights have been the worst so far because I am situated in our car at the 'back' seat it is both the best and the worst place the best is keeping away from the troublesome trio, and just getting peace and quiet. But the nights are just the worst, I have practically no leg room (and if anyone knows me my legs are pretty long!) and I have to try and manage to sleep curled up in a ball and when I do end up getting to sleep its only for a couple of hours. Besides that its been an amazing trip so far, but I would have to say what I have found amusing about being South Australia for the last 24 hours is that there is quite a few 'Stop Creeping' signs and how they have a weird system for showing how far away you are from a place instead of going from 15-10 it's something like 19-14! Anyway it has been an amazing trip so far and I can't wait to see what's in store next especially with the granpop around for a couple of days!!!

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Random Trip Thought Generator

  • Whoever invented cruise control is a genius
  • As much as I hate Hawthorn, I have to say Shane Crawford is a legend. I thought driving from Perth to Melbourne would be tough, he is doing it the other way and on a bike. Have to agree with Sam Newman, nominate Crawf for Australian of the Year
  • Wedge tail eagles are an awesome looking bird.
  • No live kangaroos in sight the whole trip so far
  • Note to self - make sure you fill up at Cocklebiddie not Caiguna and Eucla not Border Village
  • Have tried to acknowledge every traveller going the other way with a wave but the number that don't respond in kind is amazing. A reflection of how self absorbed or maybe suspicious we are a society maybe
  • SA travel markers start at weird numbers. Unlike WA where you get the standard 5, 10km etc, in SA you still get them in 5km intervals but they might count down at say 37 or 54
  • Stop Creeping signs on SA roads have amused me
  • The Flinders Ranges looks like God had taken a chunk of play-doh, and squashed it, leaving his fingerprints behind
  • Random place names that have kept me amused - Poochera, Cocklebiddie, Iron Knob, Kimba

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Day 3

sunny 18 °C

Another 700kms and we've hit our rest point for the next day or two at Port Hughes.

Left Ceduna pretty early and had some easy travels with a couple of stops:
Poochera for a wake me up coffee
Kimba for a picture at the Big Galah but no white lion in sight (obscure 70/80's tv show reference for those that can remember)
Port Augusta for an early lunch at HJ's

Rest day tomorrow before heading onto Melbourne on Friday

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Musings of a minor

Micah's thoughts

I think that the first 2 nights were really tiring because we had to sleep in the car and it was really hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. The first day was great we drove to Kalgoorlie and went to the super pit it was HUGE then we took a few pictures and off we went to Norseman we had to sleep at a petrol station .yesterday we went to Ceduna and went to see the big kangaroo which is just before Ceduna it was awesome. Today we were on our way to port Hughes which is an hour away from Adelaide we went to see the big galah in kimba then we were on our way to our Aunty Jill's holiday house in port Hughes now we are here in the holiday house and get to sleep in an actual bed. One of the days we drove along the nullabore that took us 12 hours it was such a long car drive then we went to the bottom of Australia or better known as the great Australian bight.

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Day 2

We're on the road to somewhere

sunny 24 °C

Or more specifically Ceduna, or Doona as Jemimah calls it.

1218kms done today and its been a long one, especially when you add on the extra hour and a half for being in SA. Been sunny all day and got to about 24 degrees at one point.

Stopped at Border Village where Leah got into a panic about a bag of dates just before we got there. Saw plenty of wedge tailed eagles and lots of dead roos but no live ones strangely enough.

Took some pics at the lookout to the Great Australian Bight and then it was a long drive from there to Ceduna.

Off to sleep now, with a bit of a smelly car (the boys don't want to use communal showers, so they pong a bit :) ).

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Day 1

And away we go!

sunny 6 °C

The odometer says 790kms done and we've hit our stop for the night at Norseman.

Has been a fairly uneventful day apart from a Telstra issue with our home landline just after we left, but that's a story for another day.

Stopped in Southern Cross to stretch, filled up the tank in Coolgardie and then stopped for a couple of hours in Kalgoorlie and had a very late lunch.

The Super Pit outside of Kalgoorlie is awesome to look at, you don't realise how big it really is until you're standing at the fence looking down towards the bottom.

Tomorrow is a big day, with a long drive to Ceduna, around 12 hours in all. Time to get some shut-eye before an early start.

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Packing - Aaaaaaagghhhhhh

How many clothes do you need for a two month trip

sunny 18 °C

So our big trip is nearly here, and all we have left is packing the clothes into suitcases and hoping it all fits in the car.
6 people, clothes for the cold of the Melbourne snowfields and the humidity of Townsville = 1 big headache or two if you count me and Leah.
Hopefully we've got it sorted, I'm sure we have missed something but you know, if we have then there are plenty of places along the way to fix that. Really looking forward to this big long break, we've needed it :)

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