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Day 11

Melbourne lives up to its 4 seasons in 1 day

Anyone who knows me knows how I love wandering aimlessly around shops while my wife eventually buys nothing.
Well today we went to Harbourtown and the South Wharf DFO and the kids managed to pick up some Vans each, I got a jacket and Leah got not much at all. A long long day and Leah's still not happy that she didn't get as much done as she wanted. Looks like trips to the Airport DFO, Bridge Road and Smith Street along with a return trip to South Wharf are going to be in order over the next couple of days, lucky I've got a couple of footy matches to go to instead with the kids. It's going to be a jam packed couple of days with a trip to the snow sandwiched in between (hopefully we actually see some).
Today turned out to be the hottest July day on record in Melbourne at 23 degrees which came as a surprise to us as we got absolutely soaked for a full 15 minutes waiting for a packed tram to turn up. Alternate spring and autumn weather also made an appearance at different times today. Looks like the cold weather has set in though so we'll see how we go.

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Random Traffic Thought Generator

I knew Melbourne traffic was weird but this is ridiculous

  • From 50kms out, it takes 20 mins to travel 40kms and then 40mins to travel the rest
  • Service stations that have all sorts of fast food outlets attached - 7 Elevens plus some along the Calder Fwy that have a McDonalds, Subway and KFC attached
  • Staying in the left hand lane to turn right
  • Intersections with 5 different entry/exits
  • Straddling two lanes of traffic to avoid cars parked along the side plus trying to stay off the tramlines
  • Trying to avoid the tollways adds an extra half hour to a trip
  • You need to be very confident in your decisions on the road otherwise the horns will start beeping

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Day 10

A Cook's tour of Melbourne without Captain Cook's cottage

Today we did a day trip to Melbourne.
After wondering where we were going to park, we managed to find a spot in Melbourne Central right in the heart of Melbourne.
Went for a wander through Chinatown and then down to Federation Square and Flinders St Station and then jumped on the free City Circle tram which took us around the outside of Melbourne. Jumped off a little early and walked up to the Old Melbourne Gaol. Would have been nice to go in and see where Ned Kelly was held but the prices were a bit steep.
Instead we continued on to the Melbourne Museum. Mr Barnett, if you're reading this, Perth really needs to get its act together in regards to the museum, because I'm not going back to the WA Museum until it looks like the Melbourne one - it was a fantastic couple of hours.
After that we grabbed some lunch and a Starbucks coffee

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musings of a minor 7

micah's thoughts 7 ( meant to be 6 and other one was meant to be 7)

yesterday we went to the block to see what the block heads have done in real life instead of just watching it on the t.v. then we went to a 7 eleven that was awesome because we got a small slurpee each and a box of krispie kremes. but before both of those activities we went to chadstone shopping centre the largest shopping centre in Australia that was really fun when we were there i went to smiggle i bought an erasable pen, an iPod cover, and headphones and i got a free clock because we spent 30 dollars and filled up our card so we got a free gift. after going to the 7 eleven we were on our way home it was nice relaxing day at the shops now it is time for dinner.

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Day 9

But I didn't hear any pan pipes!!

overcast 14 °C

Today we went for (cue the haunting music) - a picnic at Hanging Rock which is literally 20 minutes from where we are staying in Macedon.
It really is a beautiful place, they have a discovery centre with a little section dedicated to the movie and the climb up and down takes about 50 minutes all up.
We also visited Woodend where Leah's grandmother lived and also drove up Mt Macedon which was covered in clouds.
The weather while we've been in Victoria has mostly been overcast but it certainly hasn't been as cold as I thought, though we have experienced the four seasons in one day that Melbourne is famous for.
Next up - a day spent in Melbourne city doing the touristy thing.

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musings of a minor 6

micah's thoughts 6

today was one of a kind day. first off to start the day we had breakfast on the menu today was 3 pieces of a begat with vegemite and butter. then we went in the car and we are on our way to hanging rock it was one of the highlights of the day it took us forever to get up but besides that it was awesome. after that we were on our way home but dad decided to take a short cut by going up to mount macedon and looking at all the fancy houses. there was so much fog up there we could hardly see that was the other highlight of the day. so then after that we were on our way home after a busy day.

so i can't wait to see what is in for tomorrow i recon it will be as fun maybe even more fun than today.

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Day 8

With pictures

Today was a day to explore outer Melbourne, and when I say outer Melbourne, never underestimate how far and how long it takes to get anywhere.
It was a bit better day on the roads as I got used to the craziness that is the Melbourne transit system.
We ventured out to Chadstone shopping centre. To say it is big is an understatement, lets just say its close to twice the size of Carousel in Perth. Lots and lots and lots of shops, it was hard to pry Leah away.
After taking awhile to get around the bottom floor, we ventured to the top level and lo and behold, I basically see the whole of King Street in Perth in one little corner of Chadstone - Tiffany, Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Chanel etc etc
After finally getting out of there, we travelled along the south of Melbourne, taking an unscheduled tour of Albert Park, home for the Formula 1, very tempted to put the foot down but the Tarago doesn't quite have the same vroom as a Ferrari or McLaren.
We finally arrived at somewhere the kids wanted to visit and that was the home of The Block - lots of tourists taking photos just like us!
After that we ventured down Chapel Street but it wasn't in search of high fashion, I wanted to stop at a little place I had read about in the paper - Burch & Purchese @ #647. This is a fabulous place with lots of chocolate and other tasty treats (photos included).
Managed to dodge peak hour traffic and headed back to Macedon but before getting there we did some shopping in Sunbury, which I found out is apparently the birthplace of the Ashes.
Shopped at an Aldi store for the first time, not bad prices and then a pitstop at a 7 Eleven and the kids got to have the slurpees they had been hanging out for and also bought some Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
Tomorrow is a rest day to get some housework done.

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Jive Talking

Joshua's thoughts No.2

Well Port Hugh's was great even with the Granpop around :),as soon as we got to Port Hugh's we where all getting our stuff down and Nek Minnit i was on the boat with Uncle Allen and Granpop, We ended up catching 3 King George Whiting each (me and Granpop that is) meanwhile Uncle Allen did not. Well when Granpop ended up leaving and Mum, Uncle Allen and Aunty Jill went with him to the airport to say goodbye. they left at 8:30, they came back at 2:30. Dad ended up having enough of us kids at there house so he ended up taking us out for lunch to Kedina then to get some lollies at Moonta. Basically the rest of the time we were at Port Hugh's was us being lazy! But yesterday when we left for Macedon (pronounced Mass-e-don), that was quite a day.We first visited Mums cousin us kids second cousin Andrew and his Wife Jo and there 4 kids we stayed there for a little bit then we moved on and took quite a while to find mums old house in Adelaide, we then had lunch in Glenelg, which was some DELICIOUS Yiros (greek version of a kebab)and $1 chips from Maca's. We then ended up visiting Nan and aunty Col's brother, Uncle Barry and Aunty Judy.We ended up leaving Adelaide area at around 2:30 C.S.T. Per the norm we were all amused by the 'Stop Creeping' signs, and the scenery was absolutely amazing the Adelaide hills were beautiful if only i could take better photos :./.As soon as we got to Victoria we stopped seeing the 'Stop Creeping' signs but every 4 seconds we saw at least one sign somewhere over the road but going cross country in WA or SA you rarely see at least one sign for at least 3km each time! Victoria's number plates have the term Victoria-the place to be. I can tell you this now it truly is the place to be, i've already started making plans on where i'm going to live when I'm older! I'm thinking either Collingwood or North Melbourne, I don't know which one! Its been great so far we've been here for only one day and we've done heaps but we haven't visited a 7,11 yet :( which obviously means no slurpeys or Krispy Kremes. :(! But dad says hopefully tomorrow we will! YAY!!! Today we visited Dads cousin Kylie and her Husband Adam and there kids Nathan and Evie, it was a legend lunch with even a more legend dessert (sticky date pudding!), we then visited mums cousin Adam with his Wife Emma with there son Finn. We had a quick drink and then back we went to Macedon and now im looking forward to tomorrow but for now in case I dont see ya good afternoon, good evening and good night (for those who have seen the truman show!) and ps-Aunty Ruth Mum reckons Finn looks like Samuel so much!

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musings of a minor 3, 4 and 5

micah's thoughts 3, 4 and 5

3: first we had breakfast. after breakfast we got dressed and then mum, aunty jill and uncle allan went to Adelaide airport to drop bampop off to go back to perth. then dad got annoyed with us so we left to go to the lolly store when we got back home we waited for them to get home so we can get inside.

4: that was yesterday i didn't feel well so i didn't do much but i do know that we went to glenelg and got some yiros for lunch i feeling a bit better then i really like it then we got some chips from mcdonalds and then went to.

5: yesterday we were on our way to Melbourne so yeah then today we went into the city and seeing all my mum and dads relatives then we came home and had dinner so it wasn't a busy day at all.

tomorrow: we are going to the city again and going to a really big shop which has a smiggle and everything it is basically like a big galleria. one day while we are in Melbourne we are going to stand outside the block that the block heads built that will be awesome.

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Weekend Update

Sorry but no pictures

Our weekend has been absolutely full.

Was another big travel day with 923 kms done
We left Port Hughes about 9am and travelled into Adelaide, we wanted to see some of Leah's relatives which added a couple of hours onto our travel day but was great to catch up with them after not seeing them for ages.
We also went to Glenelg (palindrome alert!!) and had a yiros (like a kebab) which was really nice but very expensive. We also saw the Buffalo which was a ship that some of Leah's ancestors came to Australia on from England on (nice pure bred English stock, not like the convict heritage of the Jacques' :) )
It was late when we finally left Adelaide and headed to Victoria, so a lot of the towns that we could possibly have stopped at like Stawell, Ararat and Ballarat were dark, so we just kept driving finally arriving at our destination in Mt Macedon at around 11pm.
Some random notes:
More place names to keep me amused - Balaklava, Pooraka, Unley, Glen Osmond, Keith, Nhill, Dimboola, Pimpinio and Bacchus Marsh
Ararat has this huge Chinese heritage centre, just set into the hillside, would love to know more about it
At Grampians Edge, we passed the Giant Koala, which is very creepy at night time with its beady red eyes
Travelling on country Victoria roads can be very annoying with the constant speed limit changes along the way

Nice to be in a warm bed and a late start to the day
Had lunch at my relatives in Mooroolbark (another to the amusing place name list)
Stopped to see another of Leah's cousins in Ringwood
Got a quick reminder of how complicated Melbourne roads can be after missing a turn-off early on, but also remembered a fair bit from when we were here in 2002
Note to self for next boys trip - must visit the Sporting Globe bar and grill at Moonee Ponds, non-stop sports viewing on a wall of TV's
Back to Macedon at 6.30pm for a quiet night.

See you again tomorrow

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