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Part 4

Well What a week it's been so far started off with making our way up to Canberra and all I can say about Canberra is that it's extremely Ccccollllddddd! The war memorial was really interesting it showed all the Victoria cross recipients and a whole lot of other brave heroes, it showed a lot of stuff from all of the wars and the memorial wall and the eternal flame was so cool! Parliament House was quite big but unfortunately no ruddy :(! Sydney has been amazing I'm gonna miss it quite a bit (but not as much as Melbourne) Taronga zoo was everyone's favourite by far, it's legit HUGE! I would have to say my favourite animals by far would have to be the chimps they where HILARIOUS!! The view was amazing cause right on the other side of the zoo was the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House it was stunning! Well today we went to everyone's favourite sweet chef's shop Adriano Zumbo, the macaroons where amazing nearly as good as Aunty Kerry's I must say, we also went to Bondi Beach today we saw Hoppo Larra Bingles mum and Josh Kennedy (Sydney Swans) the beach itself was stunning! Well tomorrow is a big long drive to the Gold Coast which is gonna be fun Yay DVD marathon :)

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musings of a minor 10,11

micah's thoughts 10,11

10: it was jemimah's birthday and we didn't do much else yesterday

11: today we went to toronga zoo for the day and it was awesome especially the chimps they were hilarious one of them was eating poo and another one was jumping on walls and everything. i loved everything that we did there.

on friday we are going to the gold coast yay and tomorrow we are going to bondi

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Day 17

Taronga Zoo

Today has been an easy day as we visited Taronga Zoo.
With views across to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, it really is a top notch zoo to visit ( with top notch prices as well, especially for a family of 6 ).
The kids really enjoyed themselves with the chimpanzees a highlight, we took some really nice pictures, Joshua seemed determined to take a photo of every animal and bird there was, that is until the battery of his camera ran out :).
More sightseeing to do tomorrow, hopefully some Bondi and some Zumbo along the way.

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Day 16

Sydney here we come

After doing about 670kms to Canberra, we spent a chilly night in our cabin (not so squeezy :) ).
Today is Jemimah's birthday and we are so glad to have her in our lives, she has kept us fully entertained singing little songs for everyone and trying to keep things light and happy (apart from the odd tantrum of course).
I have not been very well at all, with a bad cough, generally making me feel over it all - trying to soldier on as best as I can.
We toured Canberra this morning, taking in the National Museum, National Archives (trying to locate some family records), stopped outside the Dinosaur museum and did a long tour through the War Memorial which is a fascinating place, words really can't describe the impact of touring a place like that.
Around lunchtime, we took off for the short trip to Sydney about 290kms, stopping in Goulburn for a picture with the big Merino.
After navigating the outer suburbs of Sydney trying to avoid the tollways, we have arrived at our stop for the next couple of nights in Hornsby.

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Musings of a minor 8, 9

Micah's thoughts 8,9

8: yesterday we went to Mt Baw Baw and it took us 4 hours to get there Jemimah felt a bit sick around the corners but luckily we had a little snap lock bag for her. Finally we got there and it was covered in snow it was awesome when we got to the car park we were only on a quarter of a tank In petrol. We hired 3 toboggans and went tobogganing it was really fun. We also built some snowman and had a snowball fight.

9: today we went To the queen Victoria markets I bought a one direction pillow and Jemimah got a peppa pig one. Then the boys went tot the footy and my mum,Jemimah and I went to a DFO it was a long time until our dad picked us up mum bought a few things there.

Tomorrow we are on our way to Canberra which is only like six or so ours.

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Day 15

Kelly Country and a track winding back

After doing 1606kms around Melbourne, we set off for Canberra early this morning.
We finally arrived about 5pm and plan to do a little bit of sightseeing tomorrow before heading up to Sydney.
I'm a bit of a history buff so I as looking forward to this section of the trip as there were certain points where I wanted to stop particularly at Euroa and Glenrowan where Ned Kelly was active.
We stopped in Glenrowan for an early lunch and a tour of the Kelly museum which was fascinating to see the Kelly homestead and the place of his last stand.
Back on the road again and we ended up filling up at Gundagai, home of the Dog on the Tuckerbox.
After that it was a relatively short trip to Canberra where we have stocked up on some supplies and plan to cook a special breakfast for Jemimah tomorrow as it is her 4th birthday.

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Jive talking

Part 3

Wow what a week it's been I can't believe it's over already ('I'm gonna miss you Melbourne') :'(! Well in my last blog entry I mentioned that we where going to a 7eleven the next day well we did and wow I LOVE KRISPE KREME'S AND SLUSHIES!!! Amazing! Well I've so far got everything I wanted to get on my wishlist eg: new and REAL pair of vans, new aviators, new cool t-shirt and a neat nba jumper which feels like a jacket!! I think Melbourne likes yellow because all 3 types of taxis (Holden statesmen, ford commodore and some type of a Kia van) are yellow the highway patrol cars are yellow and on the freeway there is a some sort of lake with a big yellow sorta thing on the bridge. I will miss Melbourne so much especially the footy man alive the Carlton kangaroos game was such an intense game (bad luck kangas loosing by a point) hopefully ill be able to maybe live here someday but anyway our trip must go on and next stop ACT here we come!!

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Day 14

Thanks Melbourne, it's been great

Our last day in Melbourne before we head to Canberra tomorrow and how better to spend than visiting the Queen Victoria Markets.
Had a nice hot jam donut and picked up some nice stuff to try and cram into the car.
After that, Leah and the girls went back to South Wharf DFO and I took the boys to the 'G to watch Richmond vs Fremantle - I must say that Richmond's theme song is the best out of all the AFL teams, so Yellow and Black won the day.
Spending time now, trying to pack as much as possible into the car and then off tomorrow morning to an expected 0 degrees in Canberra.

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Late Friday update

The worst day so far

Why the worst day you might ask?
Well to further indulge Leah's need for shopping, I had to traverse one of the main drags in the most feral suburb of Melbourne. Smith Street in Collingwood has lots of factory outlets so they were able to pick some stuff up.
After that we went to the Airport DFO's in Essendon another suburb I'd like to leave behind.
Later on we went to the footy to see my team North Melbourne lose by a single point to Carlton
Back to Macedon just after midnight, too depressed to do a blog, so you get the update today

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Day 13

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

When we were planning our trip, I had spoken to Leah about how much I wanted to see the snow.
The trip started, even before actually and I would check every the snow report every night to see what had fallen.
Right up until last night, there was no snow at Mt Baw Baw at all, the forecast for today though had predicted snow showers.
With some trepidation we set off early this morning, about a 3.5 hour trip from Macedon.
It was still about 5 degrees when we turned into the entry to Mt Baw Baw and picked up the snow chains for the tyres, thinking that we may not need to put them on but then just a little further up the road, I saw real live snow for the first time, woohoo
Lets just say, I wasn't as cold as I thought I would be but the sensation of snow falling onto my face is something that I'll never forget.
It was a great day and well worth the long drive

Some more amusing place names - Noojee, Woori Yallock, Launching Place, Mt Baw Baw of course and a few suburbs for last night and today, Nunawading, Marybinong, Moonee Ponds

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