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Day 25 to 27

It's been a while :)

Apologies for the break in transmission but I've had some trouble with my prepaid Wi-Fi so here's a three day update

Day 25
Australia Zoo was a great place to visit, be prepared to walk and walk and walk but it was good to see a zoo that allows its animals room to move. In some way though it seems to have become a bit shrine-like, in that images of Steve Irwin are everywhere but I can't deny the passion the people have for upholding what he was trying to achieve. It was situated a long way from where we have been based but easy enough to get to once we navigated around the Brisbane toll roads (more on this later).

Day 26
A big long travel day as we travelled towards our goal of Townsville. We had pre-determined that we were going to be stopping overnight at Mackay so were still prepared for a long 12 hour drive anyways. Before we got to Brisbane we had to make a stop at Mr Toys (Toyworld) as Leah has been looking for Strawberry Shortcake which is harder to find in stores than you think. After navigating again around Brisbane we headed to Strathpine as Leah was wanting to check a face-painting place (Funtopia) that she regularly orders stuff from. Turns out that she operates from home so that was a bit unexpected, but Leah managed to get a few things that she needed.
After that then it was on the road until 10.30pm when we hit Mackay.

Queensland traffic thoughts:
Getting to Brisbane is easy enough on the Pacific motorway but getting around can be a bit ridiculous, and if you're thinking on going on the motorway anywhere near peak traffic times, be prepared for an extraordinarily long drive.
I think Perth roads are so much better than the rest of the country and guess what no toll road - take the hint Eastern States!!
Be prepared for 4 lanes to merge into 2 or 3 lanes into 1 at any moment
Have I mentioned that I hate roadworks - has added more hours onto our trips than I care to count
Place names keeping me amused - Kin Kin, Beerwah, Beerburrum, 1770

Day 27
After a night in the car, we left Mackay reasonably early and got on the road to Townsville where we arrived at lunchtime. We are staying with my sister and her family and it is great to see here again after such a long time and to see my niece in person for the first time. The rest of today has been spent relaxing, unwinding, an early night's sleep for me I think.

Queensland has lots of creeks, Dingo, Alligator, Breakfast, Goodbye and Gingerbeer just to name a few

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Day 24

Dreamworld and I am so over theme parks its not funny

Because we had a slow day sightseeing and we still have Australia Zoo to do, today we did Dreamworld and Whitewater World in the one day.
Dreamworld is not really all it's cracked up to be and to be honest, I think the Movieworld experience wins hands down over Dreamworld. The rides at Dreamworld are good but there is so much blatant commercialism, every second shop you see is trying to sell you overpriced ornaments that will get put in a cupboard and forgotten before too long, and food, lets not go there. About the only good thing I can say is that the coffees at the theme parks are reasonably priced. We made the conscious decision from the start to make sandwiches and take some snacks with us each day.
Having said that, as I said earlier the rides weren't too bad and Noah decided to go on a few more coasters today, the Pandamonium (after Kung Fu Panda) is one I don't think he will ever go on again.
Whitewater world again wasn't as good as Wet N Wild but still it wasn't bad at all.
Looking forward to a slower day tomorrow at Australia Zoo, not looking forward to the nearly 2 hour journey to get there :(

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Day 23

Wet N Wild with a little extra Movieworld chucked in

Weather was good enough today that we decided to go ahead with Wet N Wild, besides if we were going to get wet anyway, what's a little rain :)
Turns out, the day was pretty good after all. Wet N Wild is just like Adventureworld in WA, just a little bigger.
We went on some rides that still managed to churn the stomach - the Tornado, Kamikaze and Aqua Loop to name a few. The Aqua Loop in particular freaked me a little, remember the Jetsons where the people stood in tubes and then got shot off to whether they wanted to go, the Aqua Loop is just like that. You strap on a little boogie board, hop into the tube where they shut the door on you, they countdown 3,2,1 and then a hatch opens and you drop straight down before going around in a loop and out. Needless to say, Joshua went on it 4 times, that boy has no fear!
Even managed to get Leah onto the Tornado - funnily enough it was always me that ended up going down backwards on half these rides.
After lunch we went on a few more rides but they had mostly had enough and from where we were, you could see some of the Movieworld rides that weren't operating on Sunday now going, so we made the decision to venture back across.
So Joshua was straight onto the Green Lantern coaster and then the Arkham Asylum one, even Noah managed to conquer his fear and go on some coasters.
Tomorrow we venture up to Dreamworld.

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Day 22

The weather sucks and Surfers Paradise is dingy

The weather today was not good so rather than go to a theme park, we decided to do a spot of sightseeing around Southport and Surfers Paradise. I said that Surfers was dingy and that's probably the best way to describe it, it's Scarborough (WA) but on a larger scale, all the buildings look neglected and the people look miserable.
We basically spent the morning wandering a little and then came back to the resort and went for a walk, tried to feed the turtles in the lake but the ducks were too quick for the most part.
The weather outlook is much better for the rest of the week, so theme parks for the rest of the week to finish off our stay.

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Musings of a minor 12,13

Micah's thoughts 12,13

12: yesterday we went to sea world it was awesome we saw a dolphin show and a seal show the dolphins were great.

13: today we went to movie world it was great I went on this really scary ride with my big bro called the Wild West falls on this ride you go up a hill into a tunnel thingy and the you go backwards down a hill (scary) then you go like that for a bit and then you get to another hill and go up get to a door it opens and you go down a very very steep hill. And I went on all these other kiddy rides as well. Just before we left they had a character parade that was great you cold hi five all the characters like bugs bunny and so on.

Tomorrow we are going to wet'n'wild yay.

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Day 21

Movie World

Today was Movie World and while the weather hasn't been great, the kids have still had a great time.
Again Noah was pretty excited about seeing lots of stuff and Jemimah was looking forward to seeing the WB Kids Zone. We managed to relive some of the photos we took nearly 9 years ago so we can see the difference in the kids from then to now.
As I said the weather wasn't great and there was a fairly decent shower around lunchtime but most of the rides were in operation except for the Arkham Asylum and the new Green Lantern coaster. One we weren't expecting to be open was the Wild West Falls, Leah and I missed going on this one last time and so weren't going to miss out this time. We got fairly wet but I'm not sure whether it was more from the rain or the water on the ride!
Joshua continues to be a bit of a thrill seeker and went on all the big rides, we left him to his own devices for much of the day.
The end of day parade was also a highlight for the kids.
Back now to do some washing and getting ready for the next park tomorrow. Kids are doing homework now, much to their disgust but trying to get it in whenever we can.

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Jive talking

Part 5

Well the Gold Coast has been amazing so far even though we've been here for one day :) (if anyone wants to here me say my way of saying 'amazing' which I say a lot mind you, refer to Noah or Elijah) I honestly forgot how 'amazing' sea world was its so cool, my favourite parts where definitely the Jet Rescue and the Sea Viper (roller coasters) it was so exhilarating it wasn't funny! I would do. It all over again if we had more time but unfortunately we didn't! I did end up getting to visit the stingray pool again and I got to feed one which was an absolutely 'AMAZING' experience it basically sucked the fish right out of my hand! They felt so 'amazing' it wasn't funny! Well tomorrow is a big day MOVIE WORLD HERE WE COME!!!

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Day 20


Our first theme park is Seaworld.
Joshua, Micah and Noah were here when they were very little, back in 2004, and so don't remember a lot. Noah in particular was very excited to see all the sights and especially enjoyed the Spongebob 3D movie. Joshua went on the Sea Viper and Jet Rescue coasters by himself, I think he got a little spooked by the last one, it was very quick indeed.
The aquarium was as good as I remember it to be.
Jemimah got a bit scared on the Viking Flume ride but apart from getting pretty wet, there wasn't much to be scared about.
Became a very long day in the end but psyching myself up for the next theme park tomorrow.

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Day 19


Yesterday felt like it was the longest day, the drive from Sydney to Gold Coast usually takes between 9 and 10 hours .
It only took us 10 and a half hours but felt much longer with the constant roadworks going on particularly between Port Macquarie and Tweed Heads.
It got so bad that when Leah finished her stint of driving that she decided to sit in the very backseat, must have been something to do with my commentary in the passenger seat.
We arrived at the Cedar Lakes Country Resort at about 6.30pm and were pleased to find that the accommodation is very nice indeed and will make our stay here at the Gold Coast very comfortable.

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Day 18

A gorgeous day in Sydney

sunny 19 °C

Knocked a few things off the bucket list today:

  • Stopped at one of Adriano Zumbo's shops, the one in Balmain, to grab some delicious Zumbarons, a Dirty Dani, an Eric the Bananaman and for Joshua, a lamb sausage roll!!
  • Spent a gorgeous morning and lunch at Bondi Beach. Words can't describe the view and it was a perfect day to have a walk along the beach, bit too cold for a swim though Noah reckons he could have gone in. No celebrities really to speak other than the kids getting their photo taken with Hoppo from Bondi Rescue. I saw Lara Bingle's mum and Josh Kennedy from the Sydney Swans but that was it.
  • Drove down and got a photo of the Opera House - didn't get out for a walk, will explain further down.
  • Drove across the Harbour Bridge, which was over much too quick.

Doing some packing now in preparation for the drive to the Gold Coast tomorrow.

Sydney traffic thoughts:

  • We were lucky to be close to one of the main roads into Sydney (Pacific Highway) which made things a little easier to navigate.
  • Without Google Maps we would have really got lost several times over the past two days, particularly within Sydney city itself and around near the Opera House, it gets pretty dicey so we didn't stop and get out and walk around.
  • Sydney roads are some of the worst roads condition wise I have ever seen, funnily enough Today Tonight had a segment on it last night and I reckon we have travelled on about 4 of the top 10. Sydney drivers are just as bad, rude, pushy, so confidence is a must when navigating around.
  • Amusing place names along the way - Collector, Tarago, Bobbin Head, Bronte, Woollomooloo and Hornsby

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