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Musings of a minor 15

Micah's thoughts 15

Today we went to the Alice springs mall and did some shopping but before that we took my cousin Rachel to school this is the first time I have been to Alice springs but besides that stuff we were staying at home playing and nothing much so that was our day pretty much.

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Day 34 & 35

Lots of road and red dirt

A lot of driving has been done over the past two days as we have travelled from Townsville to Alice Springs so here's a bit of the highlights/lowlights of the past two days.
The Flinders/Overlander/Barkly/Stuart highway was some nice smooth driving except for one small section which had of course roadworks.
Lots of roadkill especially from Julia's Creek to Cloncurry
Visited Hughenden and Richmond which is part of the Australian dinosaur trail, which the kids enjoyed and they even went fossicking
Passed through Cloncurry where the hottest ever temperature recorded in Australia occurred in 1889
BINGO!!! We have now gone through every mainland state and territory on our trip
Add Camooweeal to the list of amusing place names
Put some petrol in at Aileron which has some huge statues of Aboriginal people near it
Mt Isa was pretty busy as we arrived when the big rodeo is on but it was a very uncomfortable night and not much sleep to be had

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Day 33

Last day in Townsville :(

Well we spent the morning cleaning up the unit we were staying in at Maggie and then went for a swim with the fish at Geoffrey Bay before having a gelato at one of the cafes around the island. A quick trip for a dip at Alma Bay and then fish and chips for lunch before loading the car onto the ferry for the trip back to Townsville.
This afternoon, we have done a bit of shopping in preparation for a couple of days drive to Alice Springs, a bit of washing and packing to be done tonight. We are babysitting my niece and nephew tonight while my sister and her husband go out for dinner, something they don't get to do very often.
I'm going to be very sad leaving my little sis tomorrow, it's far too long between the times that we get to see each other in person being on opposite sides of the country. She does a great job looking after two energetic little ones while her husband is away on exercises for long stretches at a time. Tomorrow we start making our way to Alice Springs to see my big "sis" and her family for another week of relaxing and exploring.

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Day 32

Maggie - part 2

Sounds a bit like a Rod Stewart song don't you think!
Well day 2 on the island was spent doing a bit of fishing, exploring and sightseeing.
Everyone went down to Picnic Bay to see what fishing off the jetty was going to be like, those that like fishing that is, certainly not me!
Well Joshua and Adrian both caught a small fish each and no action on the hand reels but plenty of fish swimming around the bait. Picnic Bay had a nice little spot for swimming too.
After lunch, we went to Alma Bay which is just around the corner from where we are staying, very picturesque reminding me a lot of Hellfire Bay in Esperance, very family oriented swimming beach.
Later in the afternoon, we went to the Koala sanctuary with a very interactive zoo where we got to hold a croc, a python, some lizards, a turtle and most importantly of all for Leah, a koala, once we had done all this, we were treated to a rainbow lorikeets feed - pictures to come later on.
A BBQ for dinner and then a quiet rest of night.

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Day 31

Maggie part 1

First time driving onto a barge today and it was a smooth 50 minute ride across the water to Magnetic Island 8km off the coast of Townsville.
As we couldn't check in until 1pm, we had a drive around the island, stopping at Horseshoe Bay for lunch. It is a very hilly island with beautiful scenery, pretty much all we would want Rottnest Island to be but isn't.
Our unit is right next to Geoffrey Bay and there is a shipwreck about 390m off the beach. Joshua and Adrian went for a snorkel out to have a look at that and some of the coral reef that is there - this being about as close as we will get to the Great Barrier Reef this trip.
With the low tide, the guys didn't have to swim very far and it was very cool according to Joshua.
We based ourselves at the old jetty and there was quite an array of fish that according to the books can be quiet tame and as the bay is classified as a marine park, we weren't allowed to catch them anyway which was a shame because there was some decent sized barramundi sitting in water not 2 metres away from me.
Micah made pita pizzas for dinner which were very nice indeed, easy to make thanks to the easy recipe supplied by her teacher (thanks Mrs Fleming!).
After dinner we watched all the wallabies and possums come out of hiding near our unit which the kids had fun trying to spot them all and then we went down to the local hotel as it was a special night there.
Special you ask, yes special, as every Wednesday night they hold their world famous Cane Toad races. Lets just say, it was a hilarious night watching people bid up to $100 on a toad that may not move at all for 5 minutes. A wonderful bit of Australiana that I'm glad we got to watch.

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Jive Talking

part 6

Well its certainly been a while since i've uploaded another blog but a lot has happened since then, e.g. Movie World, Wet N Wild, Dream World/White Water World, Australia Zoo and finally coming up to Townsville i'll explain from the start! Well Movie World i would have to say is the BEST THEME PARK EVER!!!! when i went last it wasn't that intriguing (2004) but this time it was the best because of all the new rides and characters (catwoman,wonder woman and super girl :),) the best rollercoaster there is all of them but there is one that tops all and that is the dreaded A..R..K..H..A..M A..S..Y..L..Y..U..M!! its one of those rollercoasters which you have to sit in it so your legs are dangling (and boy oh boy let me say this Aunty Kerry i'm pretty sure uncle Zal will love it if he goes on it of coarse!) and man it twists you upside down and all around within the 1minute your on there! the Superman ride was amazing you experience 4.2 positive g-forces and 1 negative g-force! one of the steepest drops on a coaster i've ever been on!!! now don't get me started about the Green Lantern its a really good rollercoaster but to slow for my liking, it goes fast around some parts but not all the parts :(. i would recomend it (for more info about the rides visit the movie world website!) The character parade was definetly a highlight especially with my main man the joker strolling into down and batman as well :) and then all the other guys came and we got front row seats so we all got HIGH FIVES i felt like a little kid again! ok enough about movie world,on to the others! Wet N Wild was pretty good for just cooling off and the slides were wicked, my personal favourite the Aqua Loop its like this thing off a sci-fi where they transport you to a new place well its practically like that except it counts down like 3.2.1 then this hatch opens from underneath you then you find yourself freefalling for a second or two then you go in this loop and then you end up at the bottom it was FULLY SICKKK! Ok now onto Dreamworld/Whitewater World all i can say about Dreamworld is that it was.....interesting! there was heaps of really cool coasters like the bandsaw and the tornado and then there was the tower of terror which is like this giant tunnel which shoots you out up this giant tower and comes back in again going at quite some speed!! unfortunately not much else was my cup a tea there (cause most of the coasters where shut) but its deffinetly a park for the kids! the Pandamonium is the worst ride ever i can not take spinning rides i can take going upside down, going forwards and going backwards really fast but not spinning it was my worst nightmare!!! Whitewater World was pretty good but it was a cold day and it was practically like Wet N Wild and unfortunately the giant floating pool at Whitewater World was closed :(. it was a pretty good day though! Ok now onto Australia Zoo, Australia Zoo is one of the most amazing places I've been too! When we where walking around we could still feel like Steve Irwin was still around!!! It was an amazing zoo (quite spread out!) the Crocoseum was a highlight (sorta like taronga zoo's bird show for a bit but way better) we got to see the great Monty and him getting fed! it was a bit like taronga zoo but it was better unfortunately it didnt have any chimps but that didnt mind, :) and unfortunately no sign of the Irwin family around :( it was a great experience though!! Ok now on to the way up to Townsville it was a very long and uncomfortable drive but great Movie Marathon :) we unfortunately had to sleep in the car at Makay and it was the worst sleep in the car ive ever had cause i didnt have anywhere to rest my head and i legit woke up every hour at some point :( the next morning it was only a 4 hour drive and it was quite interesting but i will explain it in my next blog update hopeully friday!! but for now in case i dont see ya good afternoon, good evening and goodnight :)

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musings of a minor 14

micah's thoughts 14

today we went to the RAAF base to see my uncles work we went in one of the black hawk choppers it was fun. then we went to toy-world then willows me and my little brother went to this fossil hunting thing outside target and i found a t-res skull it was awesome.

tomorrow we are going to magnetic island it is going to be great. so far at my aunties place i have cooked a raspberry and coconut scroll and some caramel slice yummy i am going to be making pizza for dinner tomorrow.

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Day 30

Black Hawk certainly not down

Today we went with my brother-in-law to the RAAF base here in Townsville. Adrian is a Captain (B Squadron, 5th Aviation Regiment) and he kindly took us on a tour of his workplace. After getting our visitors passes, he showed us the area where they keep their gear and then took a short walk across to the Black Hawk helicopter that he flies. It is an amazing sight up close and we were very privileged to have a look inside and out at a very specialised piece of machinery. So many switches, lights, knobs etc, it makes you realise how much easier it is just getting into an automatic car and driving around.
A quiet afternoon ahead and tomorrow off to Maggie.

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Day 29

Thank goodness for lazy days

Again we had a late start to the day after a nice sleep in, in a comfy bed. I'm so glad we have some nice stretches where relaxing is the goal and we don't have to rush from one spot to the next.
Today after lunch, we drove up to Castle Hill on the other side of Townsville which has some really great views.
After this we went to the Strand which is the strip along the coastline. We stopped at the Rockpool which has a great view across to Maggie and is a nice little spot to cool down and have a bit of a swim.
Again a quiet night to finish off.

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Day 28

A lazy day in Townsville

Being tired from the long drives, we didn't get up until late this morning.
After dawdling around for a while, we went with my sister and her family up to Mt Stuart which was really spectacular views over Townsville and out across the sea, we could clearly see Magnetic Island or Maggie to the locals where we will be spending a couple of days later this week.
Later on we went ten pin bowling which I haven't done in I don't know how long, still have the magic touch though :)
A lazy rest of the afternoon with a BBQ tonight and all is well in the this part of the world.

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